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Independent Examiner

All Charities and charitable companies with an income between £25,000 and £1,000,000 are required to have their year-end accounts examined by an Independent Examiner each year. LMS Accountancy Services Ltd provides an Independent Examination of the accounts for non-for-profit organisations ensuring compliance with the Charity Commission. We can act as an Independent Examiner whilst also preparing your year-end accounts.
We can advise on the setting up of accountancy systems and controls suitable for the size of your organisation. Whilst preparing year-end accounts or carrying out an Independent Examination, we always advise clients if we see areas for improvement or ways in which record keeping could be modified to improve efficiency or the effectiveness of controls.

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Accountancy for clubs and charities in Birmingham

Clubs and Charities

Non-profit making organisations and clubs have a slightly different way of completing their final accounts for the year. Although they still use the double entry system, they do not use customers and suppliers like a normal business. They would have a Subscription Control Account to record all of the membership transactions. The Income and Expenditure Account replaces the Trading, Profit and Loss Account. An Accumulated Fund represents the non-profit making organisation’s and club’s Capital Account.
LMS Accountancy Services Ltd understands all of these differences and will help you to manage your accounts in this particular area. We can provide you with a full computerised bookkeeping and payroll service including the preparation of your Final Accounts. If you have been keeping manual books for a number of years and have decided to move to a computerised set of accounts, we are here to help you to make this transfer in the most efficient and professional way.